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It’s Time to Take Billboards Out of Traditional Advertising

According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA), the first known origin of US billboards is a 1830s large form poster used to advertise a local circus. With such an extensive history, it is not surprising that people categorize billboards under the umbrella of traditional advertising. Unfortunately, because of this categorization, people do not realize the full potential of billboard advertising. Ultravision International has found new and innovative approaches to using the historic out-of- home advertising platform.

Interactive media – More and more billboard manufacturers are switching to LED digital displays for their advertising projects. Ultravision International’s video controller software makes it easy to control dynamic and static images in order to integrate more engaging content.

Customized solutions – We can create extraordinary video displays of any size for any target audience. Whether you are looking to advertise in malls, health clubs, colleges, areas, or other spaces, Ultravision is the top manufacturer of electronic billboards that illuminate your marketing tactic or sales opportunity under any weather.

Energy-efficient design – With over 80 years of combined experience in advertising, design, marketing, digital sign sales, LED lighting systems and display technology, we have been able to create advertising solutions that are more cost-effective and energy efficient than other digital billboard manufacturers’ solutions.

Many advertisers will place billboards under the same umbrella of traditional advertising but Ultravision International is enhancing the way you show advertise your message. Learn more about Ultravision’s quality LED video displays and lighting solutions that are perfect for all advertising projects.