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Debunking Myths About Out-of- Home Advertising

Many advertisers are skeptical when it comes to using an out-of- home advertising platform. Ultravision International is here to debunk the many myths surrounding out-of- home advertising and how your business can benefit from our customized solutions.

“I’m a small local business and billboards only work for large corporations.” There is a false assumption that only large companies have the budget and the message for outdoor advertising platforms. Small local businesses are more connected to their community and have a better understanding of their sense of humor and culture norms. Customers are more inclined to trust a business that understands what makes them tick and billboards are a great way to exemplify this connection.

“It’s just too expensive.” Unlike other LED display manufacturers, Ultravision International has created a comprehensive strategy to lowering the total cost of ownership in three areas: installation, energy, and maintenance. By investing in our successful LED outdoor signage products, you are sure to enjoy the return on investment for your new advertising platform.

“No one pays attention to billboards.” We are surrounded by out-of- home advertising everywhere we go. It sometimes takes the addition of more innovative technology to capture the attention of your target audience. Ultravision International can guide you through creating engaging, dynamic image content through LED video displays. See how we were able to transform the iconic Cromwell Road with 6 new LED digital displays to attract passing cars.

Speak to our LED outdoor signage specialist today to start planning your new advertising solution using our contact form.