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Grateful Britain Campaign

The world has come together in showing appreciation to all essential workers during the Coronavirus outbreak (also known as Covid-19). Ultravision International is proud to have one of our digital displays, Storm Cromination, as part of the ‘Grateful Britain’ Campaign created by Mother and Outsmart. 

Ultravision International partnered with Clear Channel UK in the Fall of 2015. The media company installed 1,200 of Ultravision’s Master Series Ultra Panels at the iconic Cromwell Road advertising site, creating 6 LED digital displays as part of the revitalizations of the area. The displays were made available to Clear Channel through its partnership with Active International UK. Cromination is the largest LED digital display in Europe. Advertisers now have the ability to add dynamic content to their messages to attract more attention from thousands of individuals who pass the site each week.  

On April 3rd, Outsmart, the OOH trade association, launched ‘Grateful Britain’ with the help of the ad agency, Mother. This campaign, which ran throughout April and will continue through May, was created to show support to the essential workers who are still working during the pandemic. 

The PR stated “Created by Mother and produced by Grand Visual, ‘Grateful Britain’ deploys light humour to remind the hero key workers that they’re very much appreciated. Using a series of rhyming lines, calling out some of the different job roles that help keep us moving – from doctors, nurses, lab technicians through to supermarket workers, delivery drivers and postal workers, all run the essential services that are keeping the nation going during these difficult times. The DOOH campaign runs across roadside and retail locations aimed at reaching key workers who are out and about and working tirelessly around the clock helping us through the fight against Covid-19. OOH will be supported by social media activity running across Twitter, Insta and Facebook.”