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Why Warehouse and Distribution Centers Need LED Lighting

Maintaining a distribution center or warehouse isn’t an easy chore, especially since these operations are typically quite large and require more time and effort when compared to other businesses. A small furniture boutique, for example, can be managed efficiently in a short period of time, but a warehouse has much more square footage to cover. While proper lighting is an important aspect of any building, it is especially important in distribution centers and warehouses.

Why is Warehouse Lighting So Important?

A well-lit distribution center isn’t just a nice thing to have, it’s also a legal requirement. In many cases, employees will be picking, packing, and loading, as well as running fork trucks throughout high-level racking. It’s crucial to use the right type of lighting to ensure worker safety throughout the building.

Reasons for using LEDs in Distribution Center Lighting

Here are just a few examples of the advantages for choosing LED industrial lighting:

LED Lighting – The Economical Solution

While many operations use traditional HID or fluorescent lighting, more centers are switching to low maintenance, energy-saving LED lighting. LEDs are designed to provide optimal lighting conditions while lowering energy costs and reducing carbon emissions. Below are some of the top benefits of using LED lighting in your warehouse or distribution center.

LED: Better light quality

LEDs provide uniform lighting with no dark shadows or spaces. Employees and customers alike feel confident knowing the work environment is safe and brightly-lit. This leads to increased overall productivity.

Less maintenance

can be enough to put a major dent in your operating costs. You also need to factor in the cost of lamp replacements, and may need to do this outside of regular working hours. This adds to your labor costs. LEDs are more reliable than other types of lighting, which means less maintenance and less disruption of your daily operations.

Fewer accidents

Part of your responsibility as an employer is to ensure the safety of your workers. An employee injury claim can not only cost you thousands of dollars, it can also hamper productivity as well. While LED lighting won’t prevent every accident it’s a simple and effective option for improving overall safety in your building.


It’s not unusual for a distribution center to go through dozens of lights at a time to maintain sufficient lighting, so replacing them can get very expensive. LED lighting lasts longer than other types of lighting, so you won’t have to replace lamps as often as you would with other lights. LED lights are also very durable, which is important in any warehouse setting where many items are moved with heavy machinery on a daily basis. LED lighting can withstand more pressure than other types of lighting, and won’t shatter easily if struck by a hand or object.

Reduced carbon footprint

LED lighting reduces your operation’s carbon footprint. This energy-efficient solution can save you up to 60 percent on energy costs. LEDs aren’t just good for the environment – their good for your bottom line, too.

Ultravision is the best choice for commercial lighting

Lighting is an important part of any operation. With the right lighting, you can lower your maintenance costs, prevent accidents, and improve overall productivity. To maximize savings, lower maintenance costs, and increase worker safety, consider LED lighting for your warehouse or distribution center. Ultravision can help you understand the advantages and explore your options for efficient LED lighting. Contact us today for an energy analysis to find out how much you can save with LEDs.