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LED Stadium Lighting Basics

What is stadium lighting?


Stadium lights are powerful lighting which are mounted at tall heights, using very small beam angles which produce higher light intensity that allows illumination to reach the ground. LED stadium lights produce glare free lighting to help cameras catch the action on the field. They also allow players to play in lighting conditions that are close to natural sunlight, even at night. They also provide spectators with a clear view of the game or activities. 


LED Stadium Light Basics


LED stadium lights are incredibly bright, providing a high intensity light of between 60,000 to 150,000 lumens per fixture. As bright as they are, they cannot illuminate an area all on their own. They require installation with the correct beam angle to provide even lighting without spotty patches or wrong angles that cause glare.  See our other quality lighting solutions. 


Benefits of LED stadium lights


Choosing LED stadium lights over traditional metal halide lighting has many advantages. Here are just a few: 

  • Cost reduction – LED stadium lights are more energy efficient and will result in a significant savings in energy costs immediately. They are long lasting and will require less maintenance and replacement, saving money in operational costs. 
  • More business opportunities – LED stadium lights allow you to be more flexible with the types of events that you can host within the same stadium
  • Camera ready – LEDs provide flicker-free lighting and the best color rendering for excellent photos, recording or broadcasting
  • Safety – Most sporting events, including baseball, gymnastics, equestrian sports, swimming and bicycle racing among others, require certain lighting levels to ensure that participants are safe. A well lit spectator area also ensures safety for those watching the event or performance.
  • Pollution prevention – Light leakage in surrounding residential areas can be a problem. It can irritate neighbors and cause safety issues on nearby roads. 


Choosing LED Stadium Lights


The benefits of replacing older lighting with LED lights are clear. There are several questions to ask when planning a new stadium or planning to retrofit or replace existing lighting. 

  • How large of an area will be lit?
  • How high will the lights be mounted?
  • How many fixtures?


A professional lighting company, such as Ultravision LED Solutions, can help you answer these and other critical questions, to help you achieve perfect lighting for your stadium. 


LED Stadium Lights by Ultravision


If you are looking for the best LED stadium lights, Ultravision has a line of superior sports lighting: Midland LED Stadium Lights. Our lighting experts are here to help. We can answer your questions about LED lighting as well as help you plan your lighting project or LED replacement. Contact us today.