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Applications for LED Stadium Lighting

Stadium Lighting: Football and More


Choosing the correct lighting is crucial for creating a bright area for sports and other activities, no matter the time of day. LED stadium lights such as Midland LED Stadium Lights by Ultravision provide superior illumination and complete coverage for a variety of needs and conditions. Let’s take a look at some of the applications in which they can be used. 


Football Stadium Lights


Illuminating your stadium or football field with LED stadium lights provides many benefits for the stadium owner, the participants and the fans. Correctly placed with the right beam angles will provide consistent bright lighting across the entire field. Players, officials, and fans can see everything clearly, including the fans watching from home. LED stadium lights provide flicker-free lighting for TV broadcasting and high definition playback. 


Basketball Court Lighting


Whether indoors in a large arena, or outdoors at a local park, lighting your court with LED sports lighting can make all the difference in safety and in playing performance. There are considerations such as reflections from the paint on the court or walls, or even snow in the winter on an outdoor court. The placement of fixtures is important for avoiding glare or uneven lighting that might pose hazards for participants or viewers.


Baseball Field Lighting


Like other sports, it is crucial to have a well lit area of play in order for players to do their best. Baseballs can be thrown or hit at speeds of 95 mph so it is important for so many reasons for them to be seen. LED stadium lights ensure that the field is evenly lit for maximum visibility for both infield and outfield players. Even little league and high school baseball fields can benefit from this type of lighting.


Horse Arena Lighting


Lighting a horse arena, or something similar, requires lighting that can withstand the dirt, dust and other elements that are present. It is also important to install them at heights and angles to provide clear lighting in all areas. Shadows can cause injuries to the horse and rider while riding and jumping. 


Soccer Stadium Lights


In addition to the lighting in other types of sporting arenas, soccer fields usually have four clusters of lights on a high mast or a halo of lights pointed at the pitch. Thus, superior lighting can be provided at any time of day or night for the world’s most popular sport. 


Hockey Rink Lighting


Whether the rink is indoors or outdoors, LED stadium lights make it easier to direct the lighting to avoid glare from the ice and provide a safer playing area for players. Having uniform illumination means less confusion on the ice for players, and also can make it possible for the ice to be used for other purposes such as ice skating. LED lighting is also highly configurable, allowing lighting to be directed at the field rather than the audience. 


Volleyball Court Lighting


Volleyball isn’t just for sunny days at the beach anymore. LED sports lighting creates uniform lighting that can be installed in multiple ways to provide the best illumination possible. Good lighting with LEDs prevents glare to avoid blinding players. They can be mounted on 4 or 8 poles, and can be weatherproof for the outdoors. 


Swimming Pool Lights


Another sporting venue which requires optimal lighting day or night is the swimming pool. Without proper illumination, swimming any time can be dangerous. LED sports lighting provides a point of reference for swimmers who are underwater and for lifeguards who need to see swimmers above and below the water. This type of lighting can also add beauty and style to your pool area.


LED Stadium Lights by Ultravision

The lighting experts at Ultravision have decades of experience with providing lighting solutions for all types of sporting venues. Our affordable lights are proudly assembled in the U.S. and are backed by one of the best warranties available. For questions about your stadium or sports lighting project or LED replacement, contact us today.