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Buying LED Linear High Bay Lights

LED lighting is more cost and energy efficient and provides brighter and more uniform illumination than any other type of lighting available. For warehouses and distribution centers and other businesses it is important to have adequate lighting to illuminate all areas, and not just the top of your shelves. It is just as important to install lighting that saves money in electricity and operational costs, and LED linear high bay lighting by Ultravision can meet these requirements. Read more about choosing the best lighting for your business. 


Warehouse Lighting: Why Choose LED High Bay Lighting


One of the unique challenges of a warehouse or even warehouse type retail stores is illuminating shelving all the way from the top to the bottom so that contents can be clearly seen without shadows. A common mistake can be using lights and fixtures which illuminate the top shelf only, the least likely place anyone will be looking. Using the right lamps and fixtures will bring light to all of your shelves and displays, making it easier for employees to work and customers to see your merchandise. 


LED Linear high bay lights are ideal for this use. They provide optimal lighting for larger spaces, and because they are linear they can be installed over every aisle to provide the best illumination possible. Older fluorescent lighting tubes did much the same thing but required daisy chaining long rows together, which required more labor for installation and bulb replacement. Newer high bay lights, such as Austin LED High Bay Lights by Ultravision, produce brighter, richer lighting in a smaller package. They also last years longer so they don’t need constant replacement, meaning less maintenance time and costs.


Choosing the Best LED Linear High Bay Lights


Here are some of the factors to consider when choosing:


  • Height – the height of where the lights will be installed can help you choose the lumens you will need. General guidelines are: 

10 to 15 ft – 10,000 to 15,000 lumens

15 to 20 ft – 16,000 to 20,000 lumens

25 to 35 ft – 33,000 lumens


  • Spacing – the spacing between lights is important to provide consistent coverage. General guidelines for spacing are: 

10 to 15 ft – 12 to 15 feet spacing is ideal

20 ft – 15 to 18 feet spacing

30 ft – 20 to 25 feet spacing


Other factors will go into planning your high bay lighting, such as the number and types of lights, angles of lighting, the amount of lighting per foot, and more. Need advice or have questions while planning? Contact Ultravision for a no-obligation consultation.


LED Replacement with Ultravision


Replacing older high bay lights with LED high bay lighting will undoubtedly save your company money in both electricity and maintenance costs. If you are considering a lighting retrofit, it is a great time to replace them with LED lights. In addition to our LED lights, Ultravision also provides the help you need with rebates, planning, installation, and more.  Take a look at our solutions for your LED lighting needs.