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LED Street Lights: Save Money With This Simple Change

Switching over from conventional street lighting to LED street lights can be more involved than just changing old light bulbs with LED bulbs. But at the same time, it can be as easy as that to save money immediately. Take a look at the most compelling reasons to switch to LED street lights.


Why are cities switching to LED street lights?


Hundreds of U.S. cities have begun converting their existing street lights to LEDs and many are also investing in smart streetlight technology. While it seems like an expensive proposition to embark on such a project, especially for major cities, when you look at the benefits of doing so it makes a lot of sense. 


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Energy Savings Potential


Studies have shown that even just upgrading conventional street lights, such as high-pressure sodium lights, to LED bulbs can reduce energy use up to 50 to 75 percent. As cities are often spending, by some estimates, up to 30 – 45% of their electricity bill on street lights, this can be an incredible savings. Reducing energy use reduces carbon emissions and conserves our natural resources. 


A Safer City


Street lights are meant to provide safe and comfortable illumination of streets and sidewalks at night. This results in 


  • Fewer accidents
  • Personal safety
  • Encourages commerce and industry during nighttime hours
  • Better traffic flow
  • Discourages theft and crime


Money Savings


As we mentioned above, lowering electrical costs for a city will result in major savings. Lower energy costs isn’t the only savings you’ll see if you switch over. LED lights reduce maintenance costs as well. They last hours longer, up to 30,000 hours, than conventional lighting and their light output doesn’t depreciate over time, which means money spent on replacement bulbs and less maintenance time spent on them. 


Ultravision: Affordable High Quality LED Lighting


Retrofitting existing lighting with LED street lights is a no brainer. It is considered one of the most, if not the most, ready to implement actions for cities to save money and transition to a greener, low carbon city. If you are considering making this change, contact us. Our team has decades of experience with helping companies and cities take this money-saving step.