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3 Ways Auto Dealers Are Using LEDs

Smart dealerships use high-visibility, energy-efficient LEDs to keep cars in the spotlight.

Outdoor LED Lighting

The auto dealership district is a signature part of every city’s local landscape. Drive through any large-enough town in the country, and you’ll likely find a strip of highly trafficked roadway with auto dealerships lined up neatly, ready to woo passing motorists eager for upgrades. While loyalty is a major determinant in which brand gets your bread, standing out is equally important. Smart dealerships are using LED lighting to showcase their wares without wasting energy, courting cost- and kilowatt-conscious consumers to sign on the dotted line.

LED Lighting for Businesses

Dealerships use low-cost, long-lasting LED lamps to keep the focus squarely on their products without wasting money from spill or having to constantly shuffle to replace burnt-out fluorescents. Energy efficiency is no small concern for auto dealers; the National Automobile Dealers Association reports that on average, they consume 17 k BTU per square foot more than traditional office buildings. Here are three specific ways auto dealers are using LEDs to convince savvy consumers, especially energy-conscious ones, to give them their business.

  1. Outdoor Lighting to Showcase Vehicles in Lots: Upgrading from fluorescent to LED is a no-brainer for smart dealership owners wanting to portray their vehicles in the best possible “light.” LEDs are dimmable, creating a customizable lighting scheme that can be adjusted to a variety of levels to showcase vehicles for sale. In addition, dealers with security concerns can program LEDs to pop on instantly at full brightness with motion sensors, avoiding the flickering and delays inherent to fluorescent bulbs. Beautiful, natural-looking light from LEDs puts the focus on the product, making custom colors pop for the best possible showcase for automobile inventory.
  2. Service Departments: In the service department, LEDs are ideal for creating beautiful, clear lighting for mechanics and service pros without generating excess heat. Not only do they require less energy themselves, but LEDs can also reduce electric bills that are unnecessarily high due to a need to run fans or keep air conditioners running at full-tilt throughout the workday.
  3. Highly Visible and Versatile Signage: LED signage creates a wonderful opportunity for dealers to showcase rotating specials and other marketing initiatives in high-traffic dealership zones. Giving sales teams the ability to constantly update weekly and monthly specials, financing incentives, and other promotions, high-visibility LED signage helps dealerships stand out from the competition. Requiring no lead-time to change or update specials, LED signage gives auto dealers a major edge over more traditional advertising routes such as newspapers, auto magazines, and billboards. Providing a perfect backdrop for animations and high-definition video clips, LED signs are automotive marketers’ secret weapons for setting themselves apart from the surrounding competition.

Switching to LEDs has helped some auto dealerships save nearly 60 percent on annual energy costs. No matter your industry, if you’re considering upgrading your existing lighting solutions to LEDs, think of all the ways these versatile lighting sources can really brighten your bottom line. LED lighting is an excellent investment for companies focused on the long-term because they are surprisingly long lasting and require little to no maintenance. Making the switch to LEDs in an auto dealership setting – or a range of other business environments from office to retail to education – is a switch that will improve visibility for your customers and employees alike.

LED Lighting from Ultravision

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