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Will LED Lighting Save My Business Money?

LED Lighting for Business

With the rising electricity costs, it is totally reasonable if one starts thinking about switching to more energy-efficient methods. Part of the switch is buying LED bulbs and incorporating LED lighting to your business. This will see you save a lot of money for your business each month and ultimately you will save the profits that waste away in form of electric bills.

However, before switching to LED lighting, it is important to not only know the exact benefits of using LED bulbs but also the disadvantages of the same. This helps you know what to expect from the move. It is also to help you that this is no heaven. Meaning it’s no guarantee you will realize a 150% profit at the end of the year but it’s worth consideration.

Benefits of LED Lighting

The benefits of LED lighting to business can be seen as fixes to other forms of lighting:

Saving Energy

One of the top benefits of using LED lighting for your business is the considerable amount of energy they save. The first thing to think about from this is the amount of money that goes into electric bill every billing period. Therefore, using LED bulbs that are more efficient than your typical incandescent bulb will save you a lot of money. This money can then be used for various financial needs of the business.

Life Expectancy

Another of the advantages of this type of bulbs is the length of time you would expect to use a LED bulb. Compared to incandescent bulbs, LED bulbs last a lifetime. Reports show an estimated useful life of up to 60000 hours. Although this might be lower sometimes, it’s way longer than that of fluorescent tubes which are rated at around 30000 hours, MHs and HIDs that range from 10000 to 24000 hours and the traditional incandescent bulbs that have a lifespan of 1000 to 2000 hours.

Financial Investment

Using LED bulbs is a pure investment. The energy-saving lighting ensures a return that’s not only guaranteed but also quick. A period of one to two years is typical with a period less than one year being possible too.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

When you start using LED lighting, you’ll most likely forget about ever having to spend lump sums on lighting maintenance as the costs are efficiently cut in the process.

No Expenditure on Capital

Lighting that shows an effort in saving energy meets the qualifications of Carbon Trust. With this assistance financially, you could choose to avoid making any outlay on capital. This leads to more profit and savings for the business.  Financing for LED lighting is available – find out more. 

More Lighting

The amount of light produced per watt in LEDs is a lot more than in incandescent bulbs. This is useful too in ensuring more costs saved whilst ensuring better quality lighting for your business

Focused Light

The LED comes in solid packing. This can be designed to focus the light from the bulb other types like incandescent and fluorescent sources require external reflectors for the same purpose.

Disadvantages of LED Lighting

The Initial Cost

The initial cost of adopting LED lighting can be considerably high as LED bulbs are more expensive than incandescent bulbs, for instance.

Heat Loss

Even though LED bulbs are known to save energy, there’s still heat loss resulting from resistive losses.

Summary: LED Lighting is Good for Business

There’re a lot of benefits that come with adopting LED lighting for your home and business. In addition to the financial benefits, there are environmental and social benefits like having a good reputation for your business by being the one who takes CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and climate change seriously.

LED Commercial Lighting by Ultravision

Ultravision is a LED lighting pioneer, with decades of experience and 60 patents. Our products are assembled in Texas, using high quality components that will last longer and save more money than any cheap knockoff. Have questions? Reach out to us – we are here to help!