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LED Display Rentals: Why They Make Sense

Modular LED displays offer so much more than images on a small screen or even projected on a wall. They offer beautiful, clear pictures that capture passersby and viewers like none other. If you need one for your business or event but don’t want to make a large investment on something that you may not use enough or that may become obsolete then a LED display rental may be right for you. 

LED Display Rentals

Renting an LED display usually refers to renting an LED screen that is larger than a personal device or single monitor, most likely a giant display designed to be seen by a large number of people. It could refer to a LED video wall, which are a series of modular panels that form one large display. 

Take a closer look at Ultravision’s Spectaculars – massive, full wall displays used for advertising in Times Square for high impact visibility.

Benefits of a LED Display

A quality LED screen can improve the quality of your event for so many reasons. Here are just a few:

Superior visibility

LED displays can be seen up close or from a long distance, even in bright daylight conditions. Your audience in the front row and the back row will have the same excellent view. 


A modular LED display or LED wall can be easily customized for your needs. You can choose the size, pitch and orientation to suit your location or event. 


A variety of effects and uses are possible with an LED display. It can be used for advertising, presentations, videos, live feeds, announcements or anything else you can think of to engage and inform your audience. 

Engaging advertising

Dynamic advertising and promotional videos can engage your audience better than a still image or printed flyer. Make the best use of your time by displaying advertising that works. 

Reasons to Rent an LED Display

Deciding whether to rent or buy a modular LED display setup may be easier for some businesses than others. Here are some questions you can ask yourself when making this decision:

  • Do we have the personnel and resources to support this? If you have a dedicated IT department or knowledgeable staff with the time and skill to learn how to maintain and program an effective display, then buying may work for you. A rental display from Ultravision has been carefully chosen for your specific needs and includes everything you need to run it without any prior knowledge. 
  • Are we going to use this in one spot or will it be needed in different locations? If you are using it in one location, such as an entryway to show off your brand or company announcements, it makes sense to purchase. If you need a display for an event or exhibit booth or for multiple events and types, renting the exact size and pitch for your needs makes more sense. 

LED Video Wall Rental Cost

The cost of renting a modular LED display has many variables that can change the pricing dramatically. Factors such as availability, the location it will be used, and the services that come along with it can also make a difference in costs. Save time and energy – contact our knowledgeable and helpful display rental team for a hassle-free pricing consultation. 

Modular LED Display Rentals: Why choose Ultravision?

For over a decade, Ultravision has led the way in Modular LED Display technology. We designed the cabinet-free panels and frame system that are 30%+ lighter in weight and which made video walls possible. Our display panels are also 30%+ more energy efficient than competitors’ displays, and will save money on electricity and maintenance costs. We have 30 patents for our display technology and remain competitive and ahead of industry trends.