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Author: Ultravision LED Solutions

Will LED Lighting Save My Business Money?

LED Lighting for Business With the rising electricity costs, it is totally reasonable if one starts thinking about switching to more energy-efficient methods. Part of the switch is buying LED bulbs and incorporating LED lighting to your business. This will see you save a lot

3 Ways Auto Dealers Are Using LEDs

Smart dealerships use high-visibility, energy-efficient LEDs to keep cars in the spotlight. Outdoor LED Lighting The auto dealership district is a signature part of every city’s local landscape. Drive through any large-enough town in the country, and you’ll likely find a strip of highly trafficked

Buying LED Linear High Bay Lights

LED lighting is more cost and energy efficient and provides brighter and more uniform illumination than any other type of lighting available. For warehouses and distribution centers and other businesses it is important to have adequate lighting to illuminate all areas, and not just the

LED stadium lighting

Applications for LED Stadium Lighting

Stadium Lighting: Football and More   Choosing the correct lighting is crucial for creating a bright area for sports and other activities, no matter the time of day. LED stadium lights such as Midland LED Stadium Lights by Ultravision provide superior illumination and complete coverage

LED stadium lighting

LED Stadium Lighting Basics

What is stadium lighting?   Stadium lights are powerful lighting which are mounted at tall heights, using very small beam angles which produce higher light intensity that allows illumination to reach the ground. LED stadium lights produce glare free lighting to help cameras catch the

Making the Best Choice for Flood Lights

What are LED flood lights used for? LED flood lights are primarily used to brighten an outdoor location for security or display, using high intensity lighting.  Benefits of LED flood lights LED flood lights have multiple advantages over other types of flood lights, such as