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The owner of Ultravision LED Solutions has over 30 patents on the innovative design of fanless modular LED panels which fundamentally changed the LED display industry. The design dissipates heat without fans, making the LED display lighter and using less power.

LED display panel

Lower Cost to Operate - Ultravision LED Solutions LED display panels dissipate heat without fans, making them more reliable while consuming less power. Less power consumption lowers the electrical costs to operate your LED display.

Lower Cost to Install - Ultravision LED Solutions LED display panels are lighter in weight, which means they cost less to install. Lightweight LED display panels are also easier to install as video walls in many different applications.

Easy Maintenance – Our modular LED display panels are hot-swappable, which means any LED panel can be changed out at any time. We ship all of our LED displays with spare panels, so your LED display will always be up and running.

Product Reliability – 3 or 5-year warranties are available. Indoor LED displays have an IP rating of 30 to 45. Outdoor LED displays have an IP65 environmental rating to protect them against the elements. The LED panels are available with FCC and CE or ETL certifications.

LED display panel
LED display panel

Image Quality – Ultravision LED Solutions has designed the brightest and best LED display panels in the world. Our displays have the highest image quality and brightness, exceeding most LED displays on the market.

Limitless Configuration - Modular LED display panels allow you to create video walls of any size or shape. The only limit is your imagination!

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