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Spectacular billboards offer advertising customers the lowest total cost of ownership including installation, energy and maintenance.


Getting attention from prospective clients is easy with UltraPanel Spectaculars from Ultravision International. These special LED video screens offer the latest innovations and flexible, customization options in one powerful package. For in-depth product information, speak with one of our knowledgeable sales specialists. We are happy to consult with you in order to recommend the best display product for your specific needs.

Our UltraPanel high-resolution spectacular LED display systems allow for the playback of recorded or live images. They work perfectly for targeting large-scale audiences in outdoor and indoor venues. Using the latest in LED display technology, the UltraPanel delivers optimized color performance, even in direct sunlight. When you want to make a spectacle and capture your audience’s attention, our screens are the right choice.

The UltraPanel has an extended operating life with lower energy consumption and maintenance costs than competitors. When used in combination with our VisionLED proprietary video controller software, you can seamlessly orchestrate both dynamic and static images. You can even display dynamic and static images concurrent. No other technology delivers a more powerful impression than a super-sized LED display wall, while also providing audiences with the best cinematic performance possible.
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How Our Spectaculars Work for You

Leverage our UltraPanel Spectaculars to meet your LED display advertising needs. These massive, full-wall displays work well for advertising in busy cities, as well as in other venues. Different sizes are available to suit your application. With a large display, you raise the number of eyes drawn to your ad or message significantly. Talk to our experts to learn about the technical specifications of our displays.

Product Details

Ultravision International’s Scoreboard products have a 5 year warranty.

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