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Video Scoreboards

Sports are a fun and exciting aspect of schools, so why not have a scoreboard that enhances the overall game experience? Our digital scoreboards keep fans engaged and light up the best highlights from any sporting event. Bring your college games to life with the vibrant images and dynamic messages of a digital scoreboard.

Video Scoreboards

Your brightest students deserve to have their names in lights. With virtual scoreboards from Ultravision International, you can easily announce all types of achievements with a brilliant and colorful display. Honor your athletes, scholars, performers, teachers, administrative staff, and others stars and watch how attitudes improve and involvement increases as more students strive for continuous improvement and recognition.

Upgrade your outdoor games with recorded animations, player profiles, or promotions for your school with our affordable, state-of- the-art LED outdoor signage solutions for schools. Our solutions make it easy to inform and stay in touch with parents, staff, students, and fans all year round while simultaneously used to generate revenue from partnerships. The innovative and effective technology used to create our LED products is designed to display your message no matter the weather.
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The Best-in-Class Displays for All of Your Sporting Events

Light up your school, athletic facility, or arena with our innovative LED products. We offer video scoreboard systems in all shapes and sizes, with options available for grade schools, universities, community centers, and even professional venues. No matter what game you play at your facilities, we have LED display designs that will help you not only keep score, but also keep your fans excited and engaged. Discuss your needs with our team to find the ideal scoreboard for your venue.

Product Details

Between our innovative technology and over 80 years of experience, our customized LED video displays can be used for a variety of different markets and projects. For us, it is not just about keeping score; digital scoreboards have the ability to enhance the overall experience of a college. Our clients use our scoreboard and other displays for the following purposes and much more:

  • Welcoming guests and visitors
  • Announcing schedule changes
  • Promoting school fundraisers and sporting events
  • Generating revenue
  • Keeping patrons updated with scores, player statics and more
  • Announcing report cards
  • Celebrating academic achievement

Ultravision International’s Scoreboard products have a 5 year warranty.

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