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Quality LED Rental Displays

What is the easiest, yet most compelling way to engage with your customers and visitors?

Delivering precise information and your brand messaging via LED display is the most effective method in both engagement and cost. Whether you are sharing information in real-time with employees or in a house of worship or a live event, or displaying your brand or static messaging or images, an LED display rental from Ultravision LED Solutions offers flexibility and power right out of the box.

Our turnkey LED display rentals are:

  • Easy to use – we include everything you need. No IT department needed.
  • Custom – our solutions can be in any size and pitch you need to get your message across.
  • Reliable – Ultravision LED Solution’s high quality displays set the standard that you can put your trust in.
  • A wise investment – forget maintenance costs and paying for technical support for one event – we’ve got you covered from start to finish.

Ultravision LED Solutions has been at the forefront. Our founder has over 30 patents for our ground-breaking modular LED display panel technology. Ultravision LED Solutions is behind some of the amazing displays in Times Square, and the largest LED display in the UK.

LED Lighting Design

Ultravision’s LED displays are over 30% lighter, over 30% more energy efficient than our competitors. We have been selling and installing them for over a decade and are excited to offer a rental opportunity for customers.


Ultravision is based in Dallas, Texas.

Need to know more?

Request a rental today! Our knowledgeable team is here to answer your questions and help you start planning your next event’s dynamic messaging.

Display Rentals

LED displays are the key to unlocking an incredible event-goer experience, allowing you to generate revenue, increase awareness or exceed the goals of your event. They have become the go-to for events where content will be viewed by large numbers because of their superior color contrast and brightness in any conditions, and they are energy efficient. Ultravision LED Solutions offers high quality LED display rentals that will suit your every need.

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Our Displays

Indoor Display Rentals Outdoor Display Rentals

Our displays provide a lot of great benefits, including:

  • Make every row the front row, and every seat the best one in the house
  • Provide opportunities for engagement with every participant
  • Allow you to get your message and branding out loud and clear
  • Turn any venue into an arena

Ensure every person in the crowd can see the performers and feel like they are part of the moment. Bring the experience to everyone in the audience.

Trade Shows

Show your presentations and videos on displays that are bright and captivating in any lighting, at any angle. Stand out from the ordinary and dull.

Turnkey LED Screens

Don’t let your audience miss the action. Stay in the game with the best seat in the house.


Make the greatest impact on your audience and keep them captivated with crystal clear visuals of your dynamic speakers.

Graduation Ceremony

Give everyone the opportunity to see their graduate’s face as they accept their hard-earned achievement. Experience their proud moment with them, as if they were only steps away.

Church event

Transform your service into a dynamic experience that will bring your congregation and visitors alive. Bring engagement and inclusion to every row in the building.

These are just a few of the many occasions you can add impact and clarity through LED Displays. We can create a custom solution that will suit your needs perfectly.

Renting an LED Display system from Ultravision LED Solutions makes sense. Our LED Display Rentals provide you with the medium to get your message across in bright, bold video. They also include:

  • Custom display, created for your specific needs
  • Setup and Take Down
  • All equipment, including the computer and everything necessary to run the displays.
  • Technical support during the event to ensure there are no hiccups or problems.

Let Our Team of Experts Help

The team at Ultravision LED Solutions has the solution for your lighting needs.

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