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Tag: Innovation

Benefits to Using a Digital Display in Your Restaurant Part 1

Stop limiting your restaurants potential with a printed menu. The modern era has embraced the digital medium as the wave of the future. Enhance your restaurant’s digital marketing by investing in LED video screens from Ultravision. Below we have three benefits to using digital displays

4 Benefits to Having LED Video Screens in Healthcare

At Ultravision, we strive to help a wide variety of industries enhance their overall work experience by growing their brand awareness and communication with our LED video screens. Whether you are utilizing our digital displays for advertising or announcements, we will help create a custom

Rules to Follow to Deliver Engaging Content

At Ultravision, we develop innovative solutions to help companies excel in their marketing through digital communications. Our modular display panels and LED display billboards give marketers a platform to display content to reach their audience. Below we have simple rules marketers should follow to deliver

Grateful Britain Campaign

The world has come together in showing appreciation to all essential workers during the Coronavirus outbreak (also known as Covid-19). Ultravision is proud to have one of our digital displays, Storm Cromination, as part of the ‘Grateful Britain’ Campaign created by Mother and Outsmart.  Ultravision



The news today contains many references to protecting American IP.  ‘IP’ stands for intellectual property and “refer[s] to creations of the mind, such as inventions; literary and artistic works; designs; and symbols, names, and images used in commerce.” IP is protected in law by, for