Dining 220 Miles Above the Earth, It’s Possible Thanks to Disney Led Technology.

Dining 220 Miles Above the Earth, It’s Possible Thanks to Disney Led Technology.

November 15 , 2022 Share to
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Have you ever imagined dining 220 miles above the Earth? Well, eating in space now it's possible at Disney World. And no, you won't be actually out there floating in the atmosphere, but with the help of LED Technology, this new Epcot attraction named Space 220 will surely make you feel as if you are.

Launched just in time for the Walt Disney World's 50th-anniversary celebration, Space 220 challenges its visitors to take an experience outside of this planet. After entering the attraction, you'll get into a sophisticated elevator that will take you 220 miles above Earth, watching how Disney World, Florida, and the Earth itself fall away at your feet. Then, you'll arrive at the Centauri Space Station, where you'll pass the "Grow Zone" (a futuristic indoor orchard) to get to the main dining salon, where from your seat, you'll be able to gaze at the Earth, stars and even some astronauts that are floating around.

As Tom Fitzgerald, the Walt Disney "Imagineering" creative portfolio executive, explains: "This is just another wonderful piece of the Epcot experience, rooted in science, giving you an optimistic and exciting view of the future and letting you step into it and experience it." And the best is to have a more "believable" and immersive experience; engineers make sure the views reflect what's happening in real-time, whether day or night, rainy or sunny. The restaurant itself it's just a complement of the Mission: Space astronaut training attraction that people will be able to find next door to the dining salon; reservations are now available on their website.

There's no doubt that Space 220 is showing all Disney fans how new LED solutions and technology can transform an environment and the way we perceive our reality.