Step up your poolside entertainment with PoolVision, the ultimate LED display designed for both indoor and outdoor settings. With freestanding and wall-mounted options available in three standard sizes or customized to your specifications, these robust, waterproof screens deliver superior visuals in any lighting condition.

Weatherproof and Versatile

Designed to withstand various weather conditions, this LED display ensures that your entertainment never skips a beat, rain or shine. Its weatherproof qualities make it ideal for year-round enjoyment, complementing any climate and pool area. Whether it’s a sunny day or a cool evening, PoolVision provides stunning, cinema-quality visuals that transform your poolside into a luxurious escape.

Pool Entertainment at Its Best

With state-of-the-art, UltraBlack LED technology, PoolVision provides stunning visuals in bright sunlight, under a shade, or indoors. It becomes more than just a screen; it’s a centerpiece that brings people together, enhancing every poolside event or quiet night in. Engage your senses and elevate your pool area with PoolVision, where every viewing is an unforgettable experience.

3rd Party Certified for




3-5 Year


Standard Sizes

TV Inches Dimensions Resolution
115’’ 8.2’ x 4.9’ 840/504 (SD)
142’’ 9.8’ x 6.6’ 1008/672 (SD)
160’’ 11.5’ x 6.6’ 1176/672 (SD)
185’’ 13.1’ x 8.2’ 1344/840 (HD)
213” 14.7’ x 9.8’ 1512/1008 (HD)
230’’ 16.4’ x 9.8’ 1680/1008 (HD)
284” 19.7’ x 13.1’ 2016/1344 (HD)
TV Inches Dimensions Resolution
136’’ 9.4’ x 6.3’ 504/336 (SD)
220’’ 15.7’ x 9.4’ 840/504 (SD)
273’’ 18.9’ x 12.6’ 1008/672 (SD)
305’’ 22.0’ x 12.6’ 1176/672 (SD)
357” 25.2’ x 15.7’ 1344/840 (HD)
441’’ 31.5’ x 18.9’ 1680/1008 (HD)
609” 44.1’ x 25.2’ 2352/1344 (HD)

USA based

We are proudly based in Dallas, TX, keeping our tax dollars and jobs in the USA.

23 Years of Reliability

Discover the assurance that comes with 23 years of reliability. Enjoy peace of mind every step of the way.


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