Pro Outdoor

Introducing Pro Outdoor LED Panel – where brilliance meets resilience to redefine your outdoor visual experience. With unrivaled high brightness capability, this display is engineered to shine in even the most challenging lighting conditions. Say goodbye to compromises – Pro Outdoor ensures a stunning picture that remains vibrant, even under direct sunlight.

Visually Stunning

Designed to be your outdoor visual powerhouse, Pro Outdoor is both lightweight and durable, weighing in at a mere 6.8 pounds per square foot, making it the ideal solution for outdoor installations. Don't be fooled by its feather-light feel – this LED panel packs a punch, ready to deliver a stunning visual spectacle.

Built to Thrive

Crafted with cutting-edge technology, Pro Outdoor features aluminum modules that guarantee high-temperature durability and corrosion protection. No matter the weather, Pro Outdoor stands strong, ensuring your display remains robust and reliable. From scorching sun to inclement weather, Pro Outdoor thrives, bringing your visuals to life with resilience and clarity.

The Ultimate Outdoor LED Panel

Elevate your outdoor space with the Pro Outdoor LED panel – the pinnacle of high brightness, stunning visuals, and durable design. Light in weight, heavy in impact – Pro Outdoor is the go-to choice for those who demand brilliance and resilience in every outdoor setting. Illuminate your outdoor world with Pro, where durability meets exceptional display performance.

3rd Party Certified for




3-5 Year


Standard Sizes

Standard Size Inch Size Pixel Pitch Screen Resolution Approximate Weight Average Power Consumption
Pro 13.1' x 8.2' 185.7" 2.9 mm 1344 x 840 850 lbs 2250 Watts
Pro 13.1' x 8.2' 185.7" 3.9 mm 1008 x 630 850 lbs 2100 Watts
Pro 13.1' x 8.2' 185.7" 4.8 mm 832 x 520 850 lbs 2100 Watts
Pro 19.6' x 11.5' 273.4" 2.9 mm 2016 x 1176 1700 lbs 4725 Watts
Pro 19.6' x 11.5' 273.4" 3.9 mm 1512 x 882 1700 lbs 4410 Watts
Pro 19.6' x 11.5' 273.4" 4.8 mm 1248 x 728 1700 lbs 4410 Watts
Pro 26.2' x 16.4' 371.4" 2.9 mm 2688 x 1680 3250 lbs 9000 Watts
Pro 26.2' x 16.4' 371.4" 3.9 mm 2016 x 1260 3250 lbs 8400 Watts
Pro 26.2' x 16.4' 371.4" 4.8 mm 1664 x 1040 3250 lbs 8400 Watts

USA based

We are proudly based in Dallas, TX, keeping our tax dollars and jobs in the USA.

23 Years of Reliability

Discover the assurance that comes with 23 years of reliability. Enjoy peace of mind every step of the way.


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