Woman in a retail clothing store looking at an image herself in an LED Display, where the image of a dress has been layered on top as if she were wearing it.

How Digital Displays Improve Customer Service

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Imagine walking into a restaurant where you clearly see the offerings on a large, bright menu board. Or stopping by a store because the bright display outside of it shows you a sale is going on inside. What if you could easily navigate a complex due to the interactive directories and vivid signs carefully placed around the building?

If you think your experience as a customer would be better, then you know your customers would be delighted to see this kind of technology in your business. These are only a few examples of what you could accomplish with digital displays.

Easy to See

One of the features that allow digital displays to be so powerful is the visibility. Many digital displays are designed to be viewable from angles that were awkward before. They are available in a number of types and sizes so you can choose exactly what you need for your space.

The bright colors used, even on monochromatic displays, draw attention. The crisp graphics improve readability. This all means your customer receives the information they are looking for without having to work too hard to find it.

Digital displays allow you to use video or animated graphics, as well. This also attracts attention, according to Aurora Bedford in an article published by Nielsen Norman Group.

Bedford says, “Movement in a person’s peripheral vision triggers a stimulus-driven shift in visual attention and is an example of bottom–up processing… The instinctual attention shift to motion is a remnant of the days when we needed to quickly notice a snake in the grass and other forms of looming danger or potential prey.”

Woman in a retail clothing store looking at an image herself in an LED Display, where the image of a dress has been layered on top as if she were wearing it.

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Interactivity and Education

Since the displays are digital, this also means some models have additional features that were impossible with static signs. A WiFi connection opens up these opportunities even more.

You could place an interactive kiosk in your retail store, allowing customers to explore product or service features. Perhaps a piece of street furniture could be used for customers to place orders for pick-up at your restaurant on their way home, or allow customers to download directions, apps, or information directly to their mobile devices.

A warning, though: RichRelevance published a study that found “shoppers think it is cool to get digital help finding relevant products and information – and navigating the store. But they are creeped out by digital capabilities that identify, track and use location and demographics, such as targeted advertisements for consumers based on facial recognition.”

Keep this in mind when designing the interactive features of your digital signage, and your customers will love you for the assistance. Otherwise your interactive features may not bring about the customer experience you were planning.

Updates Quickly

How much time do you have to take out of your day to change out a static sign? Or, how much money does it cost you for one of your employees, one who could be doing other tasks, to change out your signs?