King Salman International Airport Combines the Highest-Led Technology and Renewal Energy Production.

King Salman International Airport Combines the Highest-Led Technology and Renewal Energy Production.

November 30 , 2022 Share to
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Lately, everything it's Arab related due to this year's WorldCup, and do you know that this part of the world it's constantly investing in led technology to transform its infrastructure? As we showed you last week, proof of that is their newest Qatar Airport facilities yet; that's not the only airport that's betting on LED Solutions because, as it was published on social media last week: the King Salman International Airport -a vast air transport facility outside Riyadh that would sit on 57 sq. km of desert land and will have six parallel runways- it's also choosing top-class led technology.

King Salman International Airport will combine the best of both worlds by respecting the Salmani architectural values of sustainability and innovation while choosing the highest LED technology available in the market, which will allow them to create a sophisticated and unique experience for its visitors. Additionally, the most impressive part is that it will be completely powered by renewable energy.

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