Naked Eye 3D: The Technology That’s Transforming the Led Industry.

November 09 , 2022 Share to
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USA, Nov 9th ---- Over the past couple of years, we've seen great advertisements that make us dream and inspire us, and Naked Eye 3D technology is allowing us to create publicity in a way that has never been seen before.

But what's precisely Naked Eye 3D? Naked eye 3D LED Screen is a combination of 3D digital LED Display technology and L shape LED Screen or Traditional Flat LED screen to produce 3D images and animation. So in simple words: it refers to the technology that can achieve stereoscopic visual effects without the use of external tools. The emergence of this technology has transformed the uses that can be done to LED screens: and as a result, each time, major brands and businesses are betting on its use. 

Some examples of the latest 3D Naked Eyed LED Screen Technology:

Pepsi Ad in China.

Pepsi hired one of the Chinese celebrities to perform a screening campaign in Chengdu. The campaign provoked a lot of impressions and drove the brand's reputation to a new level.


The luxurious brand: Burberry has launched a campaign named Animal Instinct. The ad integrates the Burberry classic pattern into the 3D deer's fur, which exceptionally delivers the message of Harmonious Coexistence between humans and nature.

NIKE Campaign in Tokyo.

Nike did a naked-eye 3D screen advertising campaign in Tokyo for the launching 2022 AIR MAX DAY. People were amazed on the streets by how the LED Screen portrayed an AIR MAX in a flashy format.

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