OOH Advertising - Boosting Brand Awareness with LED Digital Displays

OOH Advertising - Boosting Brand Awareness with LED Digital Displays

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Digital Displays & OOH Advertising 

Digital displays have become a popular way for businesses to attract attention and boost brand awareness. LED displays offer several advantages over traditional forms of advertising such as print or television. They are energy efficient, highly customizable, and can be easily integrated into a variety of environments.

If you’re looking to promote your brand, traditional advertising methods are not the best way to do it. Advertising through digital displays can be a much more effective and engaging way to boost brand awareness. Digital signage is an excellent way for brands to communicate with consumers and build trust in their products or services.

The fact is today’s modern consumer is already overwhelmed by endless screens. Trying to use a static billboard is not going to cut it anymore. You need to break through all the noise and reach your target audience with an engaging, visually dynamic answer to their pain points. If you display your services and products through digital displays, potential customers will quickly recognize how well you meet their needs, resulting in tremendous loyalty to your brand.


What is OOH Marketing?

OOH advertising, or Out-of-Home advertising (ooh ads), refers to advertising that is not placed on traditional media platforms such as television, radio, or print, but rather is displayed in public spaces and places where people spend time outside of their homes. Examples of OOH advertising include billboards, bus shelters, and transit advertisements, as well as kiosks and digital signage in shopping malls, airports, and other public spaces. OOH advertising can be an effective way to reach a wide audience and can be particularly useful for reaching people who are on the go or who may be more difficult to reach through other forms of advertising.

There are many benefits to this kind of marketing. You can reach new customers and boost sales with targeted messaging. Instead of people seeing your advertisement once on TV or in their social media feeds, they'll see it again and again as they walk around town. This repetition will help them remember what you're selling and make them more likely to buy from you later when they're ready for it.

Digital billboards let advertisers target specific audiences based on demographic information such as age range, gender identity, income level, etc., which makes them a great way for small businesses with limited budgets who want more control over where their ads appear.

Many churches, playing fields, schools, and private organizations use LED digital displays because the versatility allows for quick changes related to special events, holidays, promotions, and anything else the business needs to market. 

This helps engage your target market more personally, transforming them from passive shoppers to loyal brand ambassadors.


airport LED display


What is a Digital Signage Network?

A digital signage network is a system of interconnected digital displays that can be used to display dynamic media such as advertisements, messages, news, and other information to a wide audience. Digital signage networks can be found in a variety of locations, including shopping malls, airports, transit stations, and other public spaces.

These networks typically consist of a central computer or server that stores and manages the content to be displayed on the network, as well as a network of digital displays that are connected to the central server through a wired or wireless connection. The central server sends the content to be displayed on the digital displays, which can be updated in real-time as needed.

Digital signage networks offer a number of benefits over traditional ooh forms of advertising, including the ability to display dynamic and interactive content, the ability to target specific audiences or locations, and the ability to update content quickly and easily. They are also often more cost-effective than other forms of advertising, as they can reach a large audience with a single display or even with multiple screens.


retail mall LED digital signage


How Digital Displays Boost Brand Awareness 

Digital displays are a great way to boost brand awareness. Digital displays are easy to see and read, which makes them perfect for use in many places. They can be used to target the best audiences and promote events as well as products.

People crave the personalization of the brands they love. So the more you can make your customers feel special, the likelier they will purchase or engage with your branding. Other ways to boost brand awareness with digital display systems include: 

1 – Leverage User Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) is all the reviews, unboxing videos, and shareable media your target market puts online. Typically this is on social media or review sites. 

When you have a dynamic LED digital display, you create a chance to share this media with the rest of the world, leveraging personal experiences these high-value consumers have with your brand to encourage more people to trust what you are offering.

2 – Works as a Storefront Substitute

The second use of this type of digital signage is as a storefront substitute. Retail stores always look for ways to attract customers and make their brand more visible, and LED displays provide just that. If you have an existing store and want to maximize sales without having to invest in expensive changes, this may be the perfect solution for you. It will take little effort to flip from a summer sale to a fall promotion using OOH marketing through a LED digital display.

3 – Visually Displays Consumer Journey

One of the most critical aspects of digital signage is that it can help you tell your story to a wide range of audiences and customers. This is where a consumer journey map comes in handy. 

A consumer journey map is a visual representation of how someone goes through their day, from start to finish, and what happens along the way that makes them want to buy your product or service. You’ll be able to quickly and visually demonstrate how you solve a problem your consumers experience.

4 – Expansive Reach

Outdoor digital displays can be seen from a distance. Digital displays are perfect for reaching people of all ages, including those in cars, buses, and trains. They are also ideal for reaching people on rainy days when they would not be able to see traditional billboards or posters.

5 – Visually Targets Specific Users with Promotions

By targeting specific users with promotions, you can deliver more relevant content to them as they move around the city. 

For example, if you're a grocery store, you could target people walking past your storefront who have recently purchased certain items at other stores nearby. 

This way, when they walk by your location later in the day and see an offer for your complementary items on a digital display, it's likely that they'll pay attention because it has been custom-tailored just for them.


Outdoor Advertising Campaigns (OOH Media)

There are several ways that ooh ad, such as billboards, bus shelters, and transit advertisements, can be used to target specific audiences: 

  1. Location: Outdoor media can be placed in specific locations that are likely to be frequented by the target audience. For example, if the target audience is young people, a billboard might be placed near a college campus or a shopping mall.
  2. Demographics: Outdoor media can be targeted to specific demographics such as age, gender, income, or education level. For example, a billboard advertising a luxury car might be placed in a more affluent neighborhood.
  3. Context: Outdoor media can be targeted to specific contexts or events. For example, a billboard advertising a concert might be placed near the venue, or a billboard advertising a beach vacation might be placed in a location where it is likely to be seen by people during the winter months.
  4. Message: The content of the outdoor media can be tailored to appeal to the target audience. For example, an advertisement for a car might feature different messaging and imagery depending on whether the target audience is young, professional, or family-oriented.

Overall, the key to effectively targeting audiences with outdoor media is to understand the characteristics, behaviors, and needs of the target audience and to use that information to select the appropriate locations, demographics, contexts, and messages for the campaign.


Outdoor Advertising Campaign


LED Digital Displays Provide Dynamic OOH Marketing for Your Brand 

One of the most significant benefits of LED displays is their ability to grab consumer's attention in a cost-effective way. The bright, colorful lights are difficult to ignore because they can be seen from longer distances, making them an effective way to draw people in. They are also highly customizable, allowing businesses to easily change the content on the display to suit their needs.

Another advantage of LED displays is their versatility. They can be used in all kinds of settings, from storefronts and trade show booths to shopping malls and public spaces. This allows businesses to reach a wide audience and increase their visibility in different locations.

In addition to attracting attention and increasing visibility, LED displays are also highly energy efficient. They use less electricity than other forms of lighting, which can help businesses save money on their energy bills and reduce their environmental impact. This is especially important for organizations looking to go green and reduce their carbon footprint.

Overall, LED digital displays are an effective way for businesses to boost brand awareness and increase their visibility. LED displays can help companies to stand out and attract more customers with their customizable content, versatility, and energy efficiency. By incorporating LED displays into their marketing strategies, businesses can effectively promote their products and services and drive brand engagement.


How to Sell Ad Space

  1. Identify your target audience: Determine who your digital ooh is most suitable for and create a list of potential marketers that align with your target audience.
  2. Determine the value of your ooh space: Consider factors such as the size and location of the ad space, the audience reach, and the frequency of exposure when determining the value of your ooh inventory.
  3. Create a media kit: A media kit is a package of information about your ad space that you can provide to potential marketers. It should include information about the size and location of the ad space, the target audience, the frequency of exposure, and any additional benefits or features.
  4. Reach out to potential advertisers: Once you have identified potential advertisers and created a media kit, reach out to them to introduce your ad space and offer them the opportunity to advertise with you.
  5. Negotiate the terms of the ad: Once you have identified an interested advertiser, work with them to determine the terms of the ad, including the length of the ad campaign, the frequency of the ad, and the price.
  6. Secure the ad: Once the terms of the ad have been agreed upon, secure the ad by getting a signed contract and any necessary payment.
  7. Monitor the ad campaign: Once the ad campaign is underway, monitor its performance and track its results to ensure that it is meeting the objectives of the advertiser and to identify any opportunities for improvement.


    Conclusion About OOH Ads

    • Using digital screens for outdoor advertising is effective for increase brand recognition especially if you have multiple locations.
    • These additional impressions at places like bus stations and high traffic areas help create trust for your brand.
    • Studies show that it takes 8-10 touchpoints to have a significant impact.


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