Check Out the Largest Led Display in Sweden’s Story.

Check Out the Largest Led Display in Sweden’s Story.

January 25 , 2023 Share to
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Maxi ICA, the Sweden-based grocery chain and part of the ICA Group – known for its 1,300 stores and 8,000 staff with a market share of 36 percent – recently added a vast LED display to the back wall of its flagship store at Stormarknad Universitetet in Orebro. The 16-meter wide LED video wall is located over the bulk food section and was designed to create a modern and engaging atmosphere for customers while bringing new benefits to the store's day-to-day operations.

The installation features a 52-foot LED screen powered by Philips' CMND software platform working in conjunction with 27 large flat panel LCDs around the store, most measuring 86 inches. With powerful software that transforms the customer experience into an interactive one, shoppers can now benefit from an immersive visual experience while they go about their tasks.

According to Per Eriksson, Maxi ICA's CEO: "We are excited to be able to offer our customers something unique and engaging while they shop. Our aim is always to make shopping more convenient and enjoyable, so this installation is just another way we are striving towards achieving this goal."

The addition of this led display is evidence that LEDs have now been mainstreamed by those who design things like retail spaces. It is also proof of Maxi ICA's commitment to providing customers with innovative solutions for an enhanced shopping experience. This move further cements Maxi ICA's place as one of Sweden's leading supermarket chains and an innovator when it comes to providing shoppers with the latest technology solutions.

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