Tin Building Becomes Largest Led-Embedded Glass Installation in U.S.A

Tin Building Becomes Largest Led-Embedded Glass Installation in U.S.A

February 08 , 2023 Share to
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The historic Tin Building in NYC's South Street Seaport District has undergone an incredible transformation, and one of the most impressive features is its new installation: the largest US Installation of architectural-grade LED-embedded media glass in the US.The 1,140 square feet of 20mm transparent LED glass provides a stunning visual element to the building's interior, allowing patrons to see what's available to them while coming in.

The transparent LED glass was created by GLAAM America and is powered by G-SMATT, a Korean manufacturer. It was integrated into the building by ANC, which also created a brief video concept on the project that can be seen here. This innovative technology offers limitless possibilities for content creation, including video displays that are more interactive and engaging than traditionally used static signage.

The visual display capabilities of this technology have been taken even further with the addition of OLED windows on a second-floor area. These windows give customers clear views into the chef prep stations and cooking classes taking place inside. This helps to create an immersive experience for visitors – not only do they get to witness the culinary side of things in real-time, but they also get to enjoy entertainment from LED screens as well.

This remarkable transformation at The Tin Building shows how modern technology can be used to enhance old iconic landmarks across cities like New York City. With its combination of stunning visuals and interactive experiences, it's no wonder why this installation has been so successful so far – it offers something truly special that can be enjoyed both by locals and tourists alike.

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