Interior of a casino, showing electronic games with LED displays.

Top 10 Uses for Digital Displays in Casinos

October 21 , 2021 Share to
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What can’t a digital display do for your casino? With the wide range of messages that can be added, the potential for interaction with guests, and the ease with which you can change those messages and monitor displays, digital displays can make running a casino much easier and give your guests an improved experience.

Welcoming Guests

With all of the activity, your casino can be a little overwhelming to newly-arrived guests. Casino digital displays placed prominently near entrances greet and guide them to your check-in spaces.

Playing Games

Your guests are coming to your casino to game, so use your digital displays to give them more opportunities. One example is an interactive gaming wall where players’ hand gestures tell the game what to do.

Interior of a casino, showing electronic games with LED displays.

Getting Information

From finding directions to the pool to learning the location and schedule of their conference hall, digital displays are a ready source for information to your guests. It’s especially helpful if your digital displays have the capability to push maps, directions, or other resources to your guests’ mobile devices.

Concierge Services

Allow your guests to easily make dinner reservations or purchase tickets for casino events through your digital displays. They may find a restaurant they wouldn’t have considered before, or decide to attend an event on a whim.

Streaming Videos

Are your guests betting on sporting events or is there a concert happening on-site? Stream them for easy viewing on your digital displays. You can also use these to keep guests connected to the outside world by showing a news channel or the weather.

Advertising Casino Events

Digital displays placed throughout the casino are great for letting your guests know when and when events you are hosting are occurring so they are more likely to see them and attend. You can also present sales and specials occurring at any shops or restaurants within your casino.

Providing Menus

When your guests need something, they can simply go to a display and order what they want. Doing so means you need fewer employees and allocates more of your existing employees’ time to the guests who approach them directly.

Advertising Partnered Local Businesses

Do you have any partnerships with local businesses such as shuttle services or tourist attractions? Offer them advertising space on your digital displays. You might even want to consider having the displays connect them directly with the other business’s website, or to a concierge who can contact the business on their behalf.

Educating Guests

Guests who don’t know how games are played may be tentative about joining in on the fun. Use your displays to showcase tutorials or demonstrations of popular games or demonstrate how a machine works.

And Many More

These are 10 reasons for you to add digital displays to your casino. Once you speak to your provider, however, you will find there are many more. What impact have digital displays had on your casino?