Church LED Panels

Engage your congregation with church LED panel displays to create an impactful and interactive worship experience.


Being the cornerstone of the community, the church deserves the best visual technology. At the moment, LED panels have cemented their place as the best on this front. They provide congregations with the best way to participate and engage as church sessions proceed.

Purchasing our church LED panels comes with many benefits. For instance, we have the best pricing in the market; each product has unique designs and is durable. Our main focus is to provide budget-friendly products without compromising their quality and efficiency. Opting for any of our products guarantees the highest quality standards which your church deserves.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Church LED Panels

We have a variety of church LED Panels for you to choose from — not all might suit your needs, but that’s what we’re here for. Consider the following tips to find the right product for your needs:

Indoor vs Outdoor Church LED Panels

You ought to use your purchased church LED panels the way we have intended them to for maximum efficiency. For instance, indoor panels are only suited for interiors. Outdoor LED panels are more durable, have higher brightness levels, and are IP65 rated.

Outdoor panels are available in different pixel pitches and can deliver high-quality pictures/videos even in direct sunlight. Indoor church LED panels are only designed to be used indoors.

The Distance from the Front Row

Another factor to consider when choosing digital screens for churches is the distance between where you will position it and the first row. Most of our products are usually best suited for 10-15ft placement away from the front row. However, the product features vary depending on your needs — we can provide the best panel to suit your needs.

The Primary Features of the LED Panels

In the modern world, there is more emphasis on the entertainment aspect in churches. With that, the cinematic elements of LED panels are increasingly essential and form a part of the distinguishing factors. Our products are better suited to complement the sounds of a choir or band, evoke personal feelings, create lasting impressions, and captivate audiences through their outstanding digital content.

While at it, consider factors such as the clarity and sharpness of your preferred church LED panels as well. These features determine the quality of videos, images, and texts displayed. Opting for a crystal-clear LED panel goes a long way into enhancing the worship experience for your congregation.

Virtual Display

A quality church LED panel should capture signals from different devices, including computers, cable boxes, cameras, and mobile phones. This is an important feature, especially for churches, because there is always the need to access content from more than one platform and display it on the church panels. Our system can support multiple inputs.

Where to Find Quality Church LED Panels

No one represents quality, efficiency, and affordability through their products like we do. At Ultravision LED Solutions, we offer fully installed digital LED walls to help you care for your display needs, including enhancing church services. We have you covered from video wall installation, software enhancement, content creation, and video wall designs.

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Did you know?!

83% Recall Rate

Digital signage has an astounding recall rate of 83%. This figure is almost double the information retention rate for traditional advertising.

90% of Information

90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual. Interestingly, the human brain can identify images seen for as little as 13 milliseconds.

400% More Views

Digital displays command 400% more views than static displays.

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Ultravision LED Solutions delivers exactly what our name says, LED Solutions! With us you get more than just LED panels, we handle it all! Church video wall installation, church video wall software, church video wall content creation and church video wall design. We are a one-stop shop for all or your church LED screen needs.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Church Video Wall


The location of your video wall matters. You want to place it strategically to make it visible to everyone attending the service. If you wish to welcome visitors or divert traffic, install your led wall in an ideal location.

Know the size of your stage

Understanding the size of your stage will help you get a LED wall that suits it perfectly.

Size of the screen

Generally, LED screens and video walls for churches are available in different sizes to suit specific locations. Fortunately, at Ultravision LED Solutions, we provide custom solutions created to suit your church’s specific needs.

Installation requirements

Your LED wall should be installed in a way that the power wires, adaptors, and network cables are not exposed.

Future needs

The LED screen or video wall for your church should serve your current and future needs without weighing down the church’s budget.

Benefits of LED Screens and Video Walls for Churches


LED video walls for your church or house of worship will enhance your sermon and bring your message to life. LED screens in your church are vibrant and engage a congregation so much better than just verbally communicated sermons. Digital signage has an astounding recall rate of 83%. This figure is almost double the information retention rate for traditional presentations.


LED screens for churches from Ultravision LED Solutions are modular and can be configured to virtually any configuration you desire.  In some instances, you can even take the LED wall for your church down from the main stage and transport it to other events you have going on for your church!


LED screens for churches from Ultravision LED Solutions are usually 1,000 nits or brighter. This level of brightness for a LED screen cannot come into competition with a projector. A LED screen in your church means that it is the true light source.  When you have a projector, it will result in light pollution and you won't be able to see the image as clearly. LED video walls are the clear solution for churches or houses of worship.

Technical Support

The best part about buying a LED screen for your church from Ultravision LED Solutions if our 24/7 technical support. You don't have to worry about your LED panels going down at anytime because we are there to support you whenever needed. The LED screen we install at your church will be 100% supported by our technical staff whenever your church has any needs.


Ultravision LED Solutions offers you the freedom to integrate as much as you wish to suit your sermon. They also come with high capabilities that enable you to include all forms of data, including videos, images, audio, IMAG videos, and more.


With LED display solutions, you can save energy and money. These solutions can last nearly two times more than traditional display technologies.

Church LED Screen FAQs

What size LED screen do I need for my church?

That's a great question, but this can vary depending on the size of your church, how you plan to use your LED screen and what the infrastructure is where you will have the LED screen installed. Regardless of all of these factors, Ultravision LED Solutions has a LED screen to fit the needs of your church or house of worship!

How much will it cost to buy a church LED video wall?

The cost for a LED screen for your church is impacted by a few things including size, pixel pitch and the installation method that you choose. LED screens are one of the most cost effective ways to visually engage your congregation. With over 100,000 hrs of useful life, your church LED screen will last the test of time.

What pixel pitch is best for my church LED wall?

LED screens are composed of pixels, or clusters of diodes. The measurement from the center of one pixel (or cluster) to the center of the pixel next to it equals the pixel pitch. Ultravision LED Solutions will help you determine the best pixel pitch for your church LED screen during our consultation phase.

What Characteristics Should Be Taken Into Account?

The most critical aspect of facilitating an enjoyable experience is using the latest LED technology to capture audiences and lead worship. This is a powerful way to create a greater focus for all religious concerts, church sermons, ceremonial events, charity work, and more. Moreover, churches today face an increased need to advertise religious messages, display news, and communicate messages effectively. As a result, many churches have embraced LED screens and video walls to replace traditional communication techniques. That said, here are characteristics to be taken into account when finding the most appropriate LED screen or video wall for your church:


Whether you’re buying or renting a LED wall, there should be content in it. You may choose to display videos, images, or other data types. But if you have no idea what to incorporate, content creators at Ultravision LED Solutions can develop video content and images to display on your large LED screen.

Structural Support:

You should have solid structural support, preferably positioned over the roof, to manage the weight of the LED system.

How tall is your stage?

As a rule of thumb, the height of the stage is the size of its width minus 10 feet. So if the width is 30, the height is 20 feet.

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