LED Digital Scoreboard

LED digital scoreboards can help create a unique atmosphere in sports arenas, stadiums, and other live event settings.



Score big with Ultravision LED Solutions digital LED scoreboards! We design innovative LED video scoreboards for schools, athletic facilities, and arenas of all kinds. Our video scoreboards are perfect for football, basketball, volleyball, soccer, and any kind of sport. Our customized LED digital scoreboard will provide a unique experience at any size venue for your fans to enjoy.

With our innovative digital scoreboards, you can delight fans and advertisers with eye catching focal points throughout your venue. Create immersive experiences for all your sports, music events, festivals, and more. Whether you are showcasing an instant replay of a perfect pass during a football game or generating advertising revenue from your sponsors, our LED digital scoreboards are sure to communicate your message effectively.

From outdoor football stadium scoreboards to indoor digital scoreboards for basketball, Ultravision LED Solutions is the digital scoreboard partner you’ve been looking for. Contact us today to learn more about how you can implement a LED scoreboard at your facility. Our experts are standing by!


Did you know?!

83% Recall Rate

Digital signage has an astounding recall rate of 83%.  This figure is almost double the information retention rate for traditional advertising.

90% of Information

90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual.  Interestingly, the human brain can identify images seen for as little as 13 milliseconds.

400% More Views

Digital displays command 400% more views than static displays.

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digital scoreboard SOLUTIONS

Ultravision LED Solutions delivers exactly what our name says, LED Solutions! With us you get more than just LED panels, we handle it all! Digital scoreboard installation, digital scoreboard software, LED digital scoreboard content creation and digital scoreboard design. We are a one-stop shop for all or your LED digital scoreboard needs.

Digital Scoreboard FAQs

How big should my digital scoreboard be?

We're glad you asked, but this can vary depending on the size of your venue, how you plan to use your LED digital scoreboard and what the existing infrastructure is where you will have it installed. Regardless of all of these factors, Ultravision LED Solutions has a digital scoreboard to fit the needs of your outdoor stadium or indoor athletic facility!

What is the price to buy a digital scoreboard?

The cost of a LED digital scoreboard for your facility is impacted by a few things including size, pixel pitch and the installation method that you choose. Digital scoreboards are one of the most cost effective ways to visually engage your fans. With over 100,000 hrs of useful life, your LED digital scoreboard will be around for you teams and fans to enjoy for years to come.

What pixel pitch do I need for a digital scoreboard?

LED screens are composed of pixels, or clusters of diodes. The measurement from the center of one pixel (or cluster) to the center of the pixel next to it equals the pixel pitch. Ultravision LED Solutions will help you determine the best pixel pitch for your LED digital scoreboard during our consultation phase.

our work

We have installed LED video walls across the US and across the world! Ultravision LED Solutions is behind some of the amazing LED displays in Times Square and the largest LED screen in the UK. We are LED digital display experts!