5 Statistics to Prove the ROI of Digital Displays to Your Boss

5 Statistics to Prove the ROI of Digital Displays to Your Boss

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So you’re sold. You think digital displays are a great way to add a new level of advertising and customer service to your organization.

But how do you convince your boss?

After all, there’s a big investment to get the digital displays up and running, and then they will require at least some maintenance after your company installs them. And some companies have difficulty proving digital displays do have an impact on their bottom lines.

We’re going to help you make that push to your boss. These five statistics should help you be convincing when making your pitch.

Large LED Digital Displays along a very busy highway. The LED Displays are showing an advertisement for Coca Cola.

DOOH Advertising More Than Doubles Your Money
BrandScience, a media research firm based in the United Kingdom, found that ,”for each dollar spent on out of home advertising, an average of $2.80 was received in sales.” This was determined after the firm analyzed data from over 600 case studies from campaigns in Australia, the United States, and various European countries.

Only Mobile Defeats DOOH in Terms of Consumer Exposure
When PQMedia completed its study Consumer Exposure to Digital Out-of-Home Media Worldwide 2014, the firm found in 15 of the largest markets in the world, 12 of the markets had more exposure to DOOH media than any other type of media except for mobile. This comparison included traditional out-of-home, as well as others such as television and print. The number is expected to increase from 14 minutes in 2013 to 20 minutes in 2017.

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More People See Digital Signage Than Online Videos
According to SignAd, 70% of Americans over the age of 12 remember seeing digital signage that has been placed in public areas. However, only 43% of those surveyed have seen online videos. This signage is being seen in retail locations, medical offices, and even cinemas.

It Influences Purchase Decisions
In an interview with Alicia Kelso for QSRweb.com, Lyle Bunn of Bunn Co. shared that 70% of adults who have seen digital signage in the month prior to an unplanned purchase made their decision to buy because of the signage. To demonstrate the point, Bunn also told Kelso how a countdown screen to when cookies would be coming out of the oven resulted in some “customers actually jump[ing] out of line to watch the countdown and wait for the cookies.”

Digital Displays at POS Increase Brand Awareness
The research firm Nielsen investigated the impact of digital displays at point-of-sale. The firm found the in-store displays improved recall rates for brands by as much as 14% with no form of prompting, while prompts increased the recall rates to 31%.

Go Talk to Your Boss
Research has found that digital displays are noticeable, memorable, and even convince consumers to purchase when they aren’t planning to. With this data in hand, it’s time to have that conversation with your boss about the positive effects of digital displays in your company.