The Benefits of a Modular LED Display Panel

The Benefits of a Modular LED Display Panel

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Are you looking to rent some LED displays for a project? Or are you looking to invest in LED displays for your business? Shopping for this kind of gear can be confusing if you aren’t fully informed about what makes the best solution for your needs. It’s important to fully research types of LED display panels before you make any kind of financial investment, to ensure you’re getting the best experience your money can buy.

When looking for an LED display panel, it can be tempting to pick the cheapest option possible and run with it. While a cabinet display screens are the cheapest video display option up front, you can actually save money in the long run by investing in a modular LED display panel.

Sometimes in life, it’s worth it to invest a bit to save cash in the long run! When comparing these two types of LED display options, the benefits of choosing modular LED display panels become obvious. Let's explore the differences between these display types below, and the benefits of a self-contained modular LED display panel.

What's the Difference?

Before we dive into the benefits, let's break down the key differences between these two types of LED display module options.

A cabinet-less LED display panel, also known as a modular LED display panel, is an LED display screen that does not have any metal framing. They are designed to be thin and compact, with no need for bulky protection.

In comparison, a cabinet LED Panel is a panel that is bulkier, as the unit is not self-contained. While the bulk is there to add protection, it also makes the panel a lot more prone to damage, as there are more parts on the led screen to break,

Benefits of a Modular LED Display Panel

Efficient Operation

Self-contained modular panels bring the display’s parts closer together. Electricity doesn’t need to be carried as far as it does in cabinet displays, leading to less power consumption and less heat created.

The fixed LED display generating less heat means they don’t require the bulky cooling units found in cabinet displays. By eliminating cooling units, self-contained panels automatically:

  • Use 1/3 less power to operate than cabinet panels
  • Generate less heat
  • Have fewer parts requiring maintenance

Less Maintenance

That's right! Your modular LED video panel, as we touched on above, will require much less maintenance.

Less heat means fewer failures since fragile electrical components aren’t being overheated. The sealed self-contained design also prevents dust and dampness from getting inside of the unit.

When maintenance is required, it’s simple. The panel is removed and replaced – no lengthy diagnostic periods, no going back and forth for parts.

If a cabinet display needs to be replaced, you may be without a sign for weeks or even months.

Better Design

When it comes to tech, we want a beautiful, high brightness display and slim, sleek design. The bulky cabinets traditionally found in LED displays certainly do not fit this trend.

This is what makes a self-contained modular LED screen the perfect choice for an LED video wall, or a poster LED display.

When a company is spending thousands on content to display, they certainly don’t want to see it on displays that look like they’re a decade or two behind.

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Step Into the Future

Saving money is important, but as a business, you need to invest wisely. The benefits of self-contained display panels – lower long-term operating costs, less maintenance, and aesthetic design – bring a value to your purchase that goes beyond that initial cost.