How Pixel Pitch & Resolution Affect LED Display Quality

How Pixel Pitch & Resolution Affect LED Display Quality

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A number of factors go into choosing an LED display. But in the end, it’s all about finding the best display to accomplish your out-of-home advertising goals. Pixel pitch and screen resolution will affect those goals greatly.

What is Pixel Pitch?

LED screens are composed of pixels, or clusters of diodes. The measurement from the center of one pixel (or cluster) to the center of the pixel next to it equals the pixel pitch. The photo below shows the pixel pitch, labled “D”.

The LED pixel pitch is important because it influences your display’s resolution (or the basic measurement of how much information your screen can show). If you want your display to show pictures, especially videos, choosing the right resolution is key.

A small pitch translates into a higher resolution. With a small pitch, you have more LEDs on your display, which results in cleaner lines in your graphics, especially when they’re viewed from up close.

How to Calculate Resolution

How does pixel pitch relate to your resolution? We use pixel pitch and size of the display to calculate resolution.

Find your display’s resolution by dividing the area of the display by the area of one pixel.

The Cost of Good Resolution

Think of your LED television at home. You probably purchased one with a high resolution. That’s because you sit relatively closer when you’re watching. A movie theater screen, however, can get away with a lower resolution because the screen is a good distance from the viewers.

When to Invest in a Small Resolution

Keep that in mind when purchasing an LED display. The cost is higher for a screen with a small resolution (thanks to all of those LEDs), but how you are using the display should be the deciding factor. Imagine what your customers will think of your brand if they only find blurry screens in your retail locations or street furniture advertising.

The Advantage of Larger Resolutions

However, you can save money on screens that will be viewed from a distance. In fact, a small resolution could even hurt your advertising on billboards and other suspended displays. A large pixel pitch increases the size of characters, which makes your text more readable.

Don’t Skimp on Resolution

For displays meant for customers to get close, this is the time to buy the best your budget can handle. The higher resolution will give your customers a great first impression. If most of your advertising will be taking place on billboards or other displays meant for long-distance viewing, a higher pixel pitch (and thus lower resolution) are best.

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