Using Digital Displays to Simplify Transportation

Using Digital Displays to Simplify Transportation

October 21 , 2021 Share to
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Everywhere you go, you are directed by signs. You are informed when traffic accidents are blocking your route home; told when your bus or subway train is expected to arrive; and directed where to go when making your way through an airport.

Digital displays accomplish all of those tasks just as well as their printed counterparts. In fact, many of those tasks they can do better. You’ll find digital displays, both text- and graphic-based, used in applications such as the following:

  • Arrival and departure displays
  • Arterial and highway signs
  • Baggage claim displays
  • Capacity indicators
  • Clocks
  • Directional signs
  • Lane control signs
  • Platform displays
  • Ramp and gate information displays
  • Speed limit signs
  • Ticket counter displays
  • Trailblazer signs
  • Train/Bus on-vehicle displays

Give Directions
The use of digital displays as directional aids has a wide range. From simple, monochromatic displays that show you where to purchase tickets or which parking lot is upcoming, to interactive kiosks that provide you with maps, you have a number of options based on your goals.

Now imagine that you are looking to see where you need to go next. Your eyes go up and you easily depict a sign, thanks to the bright colors and contrast, printed with exactly what you’re searching for. You don’t even have to be looking at it straight on to read what the display says.

This is one of the benefits of digital displays and the LED lights most often used inside of them. The LEDs lend the brightness and contrast, while the design of digital displays give you the wide viewing angle.

Ease of Updating
Your job is transportation, which means you’re often responsible for communicating emergency situations such as Amber Alerts and road closures. Since most digital displays have the capability of being placed on a network and controlled by a central computer, you can change out the messaging, both text and graphics, in mere moments.

Advertising Revenue
The network is also capable of supporting multiple messages on one display that rotates every set number of seconds. This allows you to offer entertainment or advertising options, in addition to your public service messages.

If you choose advertising, you open up a new revenue stream. Even if you already have vinyl or other static advertisements, the ability to rotate between messages allows you more spaces for advertisers than before, while still letting customers know what the next rail or bus stop is.

If you are concerned about the possibilities of vandalism or weather exposure, be assured that digital displays are manufactured with weather- and vandal-resistant materials and designs. Materials are carefully chosen for hardiness against humidity, UV light, and tampering to give all outdoor displays the longest lifespan possible.

Help Your Customers Get Where They’re Going
When your customers depart and arrive on time and with no or minimal fuss, they’re happy. You also reduce the number of problems your employees have to deal with on a daily basis. Good signage is integral to this, and digital displays make good signage even more impressive.