Project Management and LED Displays

Project Management and LED Displays

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An LED display is a huge investment for your company, whether it is designed to simply direct customers to your storefront or is an integral part of your business’s workings, such as a LED video scoreboard or menu.  This investment means good project management is vital when you decide to make this investment for your company.

Prepared for Every Step

Working with a project management team such as Ultravision that specializes in projects for LED displays means they know all of the necessary steps to take during the process and can warn you about problems before they start. If you don’t have a good project management team in place, you lose valuable time and money every instance control of your project is lost. 

An example of something that can easily cause a disruption of your LED display project is obtaining permits and licenses. Should you fail to apply for and receive the proper permits and licenses, you could find your project stalled. You may even be forced to start over or abandon the project entirely.

What Does a Project Management Team Do?

Before the fabrication of your LED display has even begun, a project management team is there for you to assist you with determining the goals and objectives of this particular display. Are there any factors that may prevent the display from working properly? What is the best placement for your goals? How much of your budget are you able to allocate to this project, and what is the best way to utilize those resources? You, after all, need to be certain the money you are putting into each display is well spent. 

The team continues to provide assistance after the LED display is completed through maintenance programs and technical support. Your project management team should be able to handle items such as:

  • Creating the project timeline, and keeping all parties adhered to it
  • Working with subcontractors and their unions
  • Establishing safety protocols and ensuring they are followed while your LED display is being installed
  • Provide training in the LED display’s proprietary software to those who will be operating it at your company

You don’t lose control of your project by working with a project management team. A good team is constantly in communication with you so you know where your project is in the process, and seeks your approval when stages are completed so you never end up with a product you hate.

Leave It to the Professionals

With the right project management team in place, you’ll find purchasing your LED display to be a far more streamlined process. By investing in project management, you save yourself the headaches of figuring it all out yourself and can instead spend that time doing what your customers rely on you to do.


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